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Dive into the world of Technology Trading with Arthalab. Robotic Trading solutions.

Who We Are

Arthalab Solutions is one of very few dozens of Robotic Trading companies in India.
Arthalab is run by technology architects with over 15 years Software experience & Full time traders who have a decade experience in lossing as well as gaining in stock market. Yes, it is true, we put in more experience of loosing as if you know how all ways how to loose money in share market, no-one can stop you making profits...!!

Arthalab partnered wth India's #1 broker Zerodha and developed many Robotic Solutions.

We view Stock Market as a money raining machine if we are able to match the speed in which the movements occur.
Manual traders cant watch and trade in 1000's of stocks at any time which Robo can. The speed Robo trades is unmatched with any human traders. Thats the success story behind Robotic Trading.

Our moto behind bringing Robotic Trading solutions is free traders from making consistent losses to consistent profits. Small but consistent profits are important.
We intend to make you financially independant & get some revenue at back end. What more would anyone want to get a second income & a Robo is working for you to acheive your dream.

Our History

Our Journey which finaly ended with Arthalab Solutions.


New Office

Software experts + Expert Traders = Arthalab Solutions .


Robotic Trading

We started exploring Robotic trading in Indian Stock market .


New IT Company

With like-minded people, we started Software development company.



Started Working in IT firms as salaried employee.