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Dive into the world of Technology Marketing with Arthalab. Smart Marketing solutions.

Smart Marketing

Arthalab Solutions beleives in Technology Marketing which has limiteless potential.
To make your Marketing easy and Smart, We provide 2 Smart solutions!

  • Facebook Auto Poster.
  • WhatsApp Auto Sender.

Arthalab Smart Marketing Solutions will increase your Marketing pace 100 times.

Facebook Auto Poster

Nobody can deny the potential in Facebook Marketing. The reach and visiblity is simply unbeatable.

However, there is manual limitation to take maximum benifits from facebook. To solve this, we have developed Facebook Auto-Poster which is a helping hand for our work. It would work same way as you. Remember, this is not a spammer but your helping hand to post few things on your behalf as you told to.

You can post to multiple Facebook Groups at once
So if you have products to market on Facebook, you do not need to run an expensive Facebook campaign, all you need is a Auto-Poster and run your campaign in very less cost.

WhatsApp Auto Sender

We will not be wrong, if we say, people check WhatsApp every 30 mins. Yes, WhatsApp has become a part of life these days..!!

To send updates to your customers of new launch, or any kind of promotional offers, best is to send them on WhatsApp so they quickly get to know.

However, is that so easy ?? No. Sending messages or updates to hundreds or thousands of your customers is not so easy task. Also, some of them you must not have saved phone number too.

To comeover this problem, we have developed WhatsApp Auto sender. Here you can upload all your customers phone numbers. Prepare message of Text + Image and save it.
When you initiate the SEND message, your message will be slowly automatically sent to all your customers..

We kept our website simple & not fancy as work matters than the face. Beautiful face with no productivity is more dangerous ..!!

Contact us if you need Demo of the same.